chicory salad with persimmon and pomegranate

Stop what you’re doing. Head out to the market. Pick out a few fuyu persimmons. A pomegranate. Some good looking chicory greens – a curly endive, a radicchio perhaps. Let’s have a salad.

Persimmons are fantastic in salads. I might be biased because they’re definitely a favorite of mine; this entire site was pretty much born out of my love for persimmons, particularly the fuyu variety. Persimmons are what make the transition from fall to winter bearable. I’ve been eating at least one a day or the past few weeks.

I digress. Let’s get back to this salad.

Whisk together a light vinaigrette, preferably something citrus based. Add a few crumbles of blue cheese. Pour yourself a glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

What you’ll end up with is a lovely autumnal salad with a variety of textures and flavors – crunchy, sweet persimmons, slightly tart and juicy pomegranate seeds, salty, creamy blue cheese, hearty chicories. If you’re not a persimmon fan, try it with pears. Not into blue cheese? How about a little feta instead? Use your imagination and make it your own. It is a perfect first course. A very nice light lunch. A snack. You can’t go wrong.

chicory salad with persimmon and pomegranate

serves 4

8 cups chicory greens, torn into medium pieces ( I like a combination of curly endive and radicchio) 

2 fuyu persimmons, peeled and sliced

1 large pomegranate, seeds reserved

2 ounces blue cheese, crumbled

citrus vinaigrette

In a large bowl, combine greens, persimmons and pomegranate seeds. Pour enough vinaigrette into the bowl to lightly coat your salad and toss gently. Add more if necessary. Add blue cheese and serve. Voila!

citrus vinaigrette

3 tablespoons lemon or grapefruit juice or a citrus flavored vinegar

6 tablespoons oil (I like grapeseed or walnut oil)

kosher or coarse sea salt

fresh ground black pepper

Pour juice or vinegar in a small bowl. Add a large pinch of salt and a small pinch of pepper and whisk. Continue whisking, and slowly pour oil into the bowl in a thin stream. Whisk until emulsified. Taste vinagrette and adjust salt and pepper as necessary.


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